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2023 Trends to Watch

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What’s coming for leaders in 2023? Here are our predictions.

It’s no secret that critical changes are taking place in the health ecosystem and beyond. A historic rate of disruption, an increasing pace of change, uncertainties in the global economy, and employee burnout and workforce shortages are causing shockwaves for leaders across all industries. As an organization committed to developing leaders who transform the health ecosystem, we inform our talent solutions by studying industry trends and considering how these trends will impact leaders.

In our newest report, we explore some of the trends and leadership capabilities that we think will shape the health ecosystem in 2023, including:

  • More organizations recognizing the need to partner in order to be successful
  • An expensive, competitive talent market with high expectations for employers
  • Extensive reskilling of leaders to embrace human-centric leadership

Download the report to stay on top of the trends — and to see what else we predict will impact the health ecosystem this year