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The pandemic has taken a toll on the world and left no industry or business untouched. Healthcare organizations, in particular, rallied to respond to the challenges their communities faced during the pandemic. There are important lessons to be learned from our collective experiences over the past several years that can accelerate and transform the industry. 

The urgency created by the pandemic has resulted in innovative partnerships and collaborations within and across multiple sectors throughout the health ecosystem (think Merck and J&J!). What differentiated those organizations that drove value and those that didn’t? We believe leadership makes the difference — in particular the ability of leaders to seek solutions that can only occur when different organizations and diverse industry sectors move beyond competing with one another and align around a clear purpose to meet critical challenges. 

About this Course

For the past two decades, The Leadership Development Group (TLD Group) has worked with hundreds of leaders from top health systems, pharmaceutical companies, payer organizations, policy makers, and various health adjacent companies. We have developed a strong reputation for developing leaders and teams to execute business strategies that position their organizations for success.

Today, however, the industry requires leaders who can create the systemic change that is needed by engaging and inspiring others across sectors to enhance health and wellness. Our Health Ecosystem Leadership Institute is designed to build the leadership capabilities needed to drive this transformation and the collaborations and partnerships it requires. As an open enrollment program, the Institute brings leaders together from diverse sectors to learn from and with one another and fills the void left by traditional single organization/single sector leadership development programs. 

The Institute draws leaders from across the health industry who demonstrate the willingness to learn how to cultivate partnerships to drive value and transform health by:

  • Solving critically important problems within their organizations through cross-functional and cross-entity solutions
  • Fostering collaboration and innovation across sectors in the health ecosystem to facilitate positive health industry change

This 12-week blended learning course is designed for leaders who want to master the HELM™ capabilities to positively impact results within their own organization and across sectors and industries that span the health ecosystem. 

Registration includes the co-facilitators' book, From Competition to Collaboration: How Leaders Cultivate Partnerships to Drive Value and Transform Health, the HELM Self-Assessment and access to all course materials.

What is the Health Ecosystem?

The health ecosystem describes the interconnected relationships between leaders, organizations, and sectors — such as providers, purchasers and payers, pharmaceuticals, biotech organizations, public/private sectors, communities, and entrepreneurs — toward the shared purpose of enhancing health and wellness. 

The success of the health ecosystem to drive transformation is dependent on the ability of its leaders to create and execute a shared purpose. Leaders who can work collaboratively, across boundaries, while fostering independent creativity and innovation will lead the way.

The health ecosystem relies on collaborations and partnerships that are created by leaders who demonstrate the leadership behaviors described in the Health Ecosystem Leadership Model©.

Course Learning Objectives:

Examine the growing need for partnerships and collaborations to improve community health outcomes.

Explore the Health Ecosystem Leadership Model© (HELM™) and learn practical techniques for leading despite uncertainty.

Identify and pursue opportunities to utilize the HELM™ model to improve community health outcomes.

Create and execute a plan to continuously enhance your development of the HELM™ capabilities.

Who Should Attend this Course: Best-fit attendees of this course are leaders across the sectors of healthcare (including pharma, providers, health insurance companies, med device companies, policy makers, and all organizations whose mission is to enhance health and wellness) that are interested in leveraging partnerships and collaborations to reach outcomes within and across their functional areas, organizations, and sectors. Job titles include but are not limited to:

  • Population Health Executives and Leaders

  • Heads of Strategic Business Partnerships

  • Chief Strategy Officers and Senior Leaders

  • Chief Clinical Officers and Senior Leaders

  • Chief Medical Officers and Senior Leaders

  • Hospital and Health System Leaders

  • Physician and Nurse Leaders

Learning Methods:

  • Virtual introductory session with facilitators 
  • Virtual group coaching on your selected HELM challenge
  • Virtual 1:1 assessment & coaching
  • Video learning modules with national experts and industry leaders 
  • Health Ecosystem Assessment & feedback
  • Peer networking group

Throughout this course, you will learn what it takes to succeed as a change agent from successful health ecosystem leaders and faculty including:

  • David Carmouche, MD, SVP Omnichannel Care Offerings, Walmart Health and formerly President, Ochsner Health Network and Senior Vice President, Community Care at Ochsner Health
  • Rod Hochman, MD, President & CEO of Providence St. Joseph’s Health
  • Craig Samitt, MD, MBA, Managing Director of ITO Advisors, formerly CEO, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, MN and EVP, Chief Clinical Officer, and President of Anthem's Diversified Business Group
  • Joshua J. Ofman, MD, MSHS, President and Chief Medical Officer at GRAIL, Inc.
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Tracy Duberman, PhD                                   Bob Sachs, PhD   

Along with your registration, you will be guided by TLD Group’s President and CEO, Tracy Duberman, PhD, and TLD Group's Advisory Board Chair, Talent Strategy Advisor, and Executive Coach, Bob Sachs, PhD formerly Vice President of National Learning and Development, Kaiser Permanente, co-authors of From Competition to Collaboration: How Leaders Cultivate Partnerships to Drive Value and Transform Health

Each week, Tracy and Bob will offer virtual interactive peer learning sessions and 1:1 coaching focused on building capabilities to become a health ecosystem leader. Skill and mindset development will focus on:

  • Understanding others’ perspectives
  • Envisioning a new future and how to build it through partnerships
  • Identifying stakeholders and effectively engaging them
  • Addressing challenges and creating opportunities to solve them
  • Discovering which actions you must take to drive value and transform health

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