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Lilian Abrams


Lilian Abrams, PhD, MBA, MCC

∙ Virtual Teaming ∙ Resiliency ∙ Navigating Team Anxiety ∙
Dr. Lilian Abrams is an executive coach and organization and leadership development consultant. She helps leaders and teams develop new, long-lasting behaviors that successfully align their behaviors and personal values with their business opportunities and key stakeholders’ need. Lilian has extensive experience working with leaders moving to virtual work. "I provide practical techniques including overall leadership stance tips, personal resiliency around change/uncertainty and fears, physical and social set-up success tips, psychological/emotional/social concerns, and work expectations for the short-term, mid-term, and long term."

Sherri Baktian

Sherry Bakhtian, PhD, PCC

Resilience ∙ Staying Strong Under Pressure ∙ Maintaining Morale ∙

Sherry has a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutics with 12 years of experience in the corporate world first as a scientist (clinical and instrumental evaluation), and then as department head for L’Oréal USA (R&D). Her corporate operational and executive experience with meeting global expectations in a matrix setting has helped provide credibility and build rapport with the more senior level corporate clients. Sherry is a tenured coach with a depth of expertise working clients through change and crisis.  "I have developed a resilience coaching program to coach employees and executives one-on-one and through workshops helping them build upon their resilience during crises like job loss, site closure, guilt when other colleagues lose their jobs (survivor guilt) and general organizational change."

David Brendal

David Brendel, MD, PhD, PCC

∙ Leading in Times of Crisis∙ Staying Strong Under Pressure ∙ High-Quality Decisions ∙

David Brendel, MD, PhD is a Board-certified psychiatrist and Professional Certified Coach of the International Coach Federation (ICF). Trained at Harvard Medical School, David has a strong background as a hospital executive, group facilitator, and mentor.  He earned a Ph.D. in philosophy at the University of Chicago and served as a Faculty Fellow in the Harvard University Center for Ethics and the Professions. "I am an expert in coaching physicians and other healthcare leaders to manage stress, avoid burnout, achieve peak performance, and stay true to their core values in a time of crisis and rapid change."

Michelle Brown

Michele Brown, PCC

∙ Emotional Intelligence ∙ Navigating Team Anxiety ∙ Staying Strong Under Pressure ∙

As a Certified Emotional Intelligence Specialist for many years, Michele uses her knowledge of emotional intelligence to equip leaders with the insights they need to motivate, engage and support their teams during trying times. She has coached and trained executives and senior managers in the fields of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, media, telecommunications, wealth management, legal, accounting, manufacturing, consumer goods, healthcare and non-profit with organizations across the US, Latin America, Asia, Africa, and Canada. Michele has helped managers’ leverage their emotional intelligence not only to escape tricky situations, but also potentially turn them into opportunities.

Avital Carmon

Avital Carmon, MBA, PCC

∙ Leading with Courage ∙ High-Quality Decisions ∙ Executing Change Under Pressure ∙

Based in Singapore, Avital specializes in working with senior executives and teams and has worked with clients in Asia, North America, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East. Avital’s work ranges from coaching individuals, intact teams, and groups, to facilitating workshops. Avital is results driven and aims to help clients maximize their professional effectiveness and growth. "COVID-19 has presented a situation where transformation is no longer a luxury but a must. It requires a courageous examination of needs and priorities and an instant mind-shift for leaders to embrace vulnerability, build courage, clarify intentions and priorities, connect with others even more powerfully, and make bold decisions."


Jean-Francois Cousin-1

Jean-Francois Cousin, MSc., PCC

∙ Global Perspective ∙ Navigating Team Anxiety ∙ Maintaining Morale ∙

Jean-Francois, Immediate Past Chair and a Director of the Global Board of the International Coach Federation, is currently co-leading the association's efforts to navigate the COVID-19 disruption in the best interest of member coaches. In his coaching career, he’s coached over 350 from over 25 nationalities.  "I am working everyday with clients confronting the unpredictable disruptions of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are strengthening their leadership in crisis, enhancing their ability to execute change smoothly and quickly under pressure, finding ideas to boost staff morale and handle Team Members’ anxiety and fears, and -very importantly- formulating high-quality decisions under stress."  


Ton de Graaf, ChBC

∙ High-Quality Decisions ∙ Staying Strong Under Pressure ∙ Maintaining Focus and Balance ∙

Ton is one of the very few coaches in the world who is designated by the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches as a Chartered Business Coach™ (ChBC™). Business coaches at this level are accountable for critical analysis, diagnosis, design, planning, execution and evaluation of coaching programs. They exercise substantial personal autonomy and show significant influence and leadership within their organization, the profession or academic settings. Chartered Business Coaches have completed the WABC Accredited (Chartered Level) program and have achieved a record of excellence and leadership in their field

Edana Desatnick

Edana Desatnick, MBA 

∙ Business Acumen ∙ Performance Through Change ∙ Maintaining Focus and Balance ∙

Edana has over 25 years’ experience as a human capital and organization development, strategy, and leadership consultant, executive coach and educator. Having earned her MBA from the Wharton School, Edana works extensively with senior executives on their key strategy, leadership and organizational issues across many industries including healthcare, professional/financial services, consumer, retail and industrial products industries. Outside of her client work, Edana is the Co-Chairperson of The Matheny Medical and Educational Center’s Board of Trustees. Matheny is a specialized hospital, school and residential facility for the most complex developmentally disabled.

Gabriele Ganswindt photoGabriele Ganswindt

∙ Leading in Times of Crisis ∙ Self Care for Caring Professionals ∙ Sustaining Resilience ∙

A senior executive coach for the past 20+ years, Gabriele partners with both American and International leaders to both expand their leadership capacities and respond with calm clarity, focus and wise action during times of uncertainty and unprecedented change. Her approach is both interdisciplinary and practical. With a gentle, laser-like focus she supports her clients in distilling both insight and wise actions and decisions. She integrates her psychology, business, coaching and interfaith ministry background and experience to serve clients during times of difficult emotions, break-downs of structures and loss of orientation. She has been a mindfulness and meditation practitioner for 25 years. She works best with clients who are open, curious life-long learners and genuinely welcome growth and development opportunities even under pressure. 


Karen Doyle Grossman, MA  

∙ Mindfulness ∙ Maintaining Focus & Balance ∙Staying Strong Under Pressure ∙

Karen's career has focused on enabling the genius of local communities to thrive in the wake of natural disasters, complex emergencies, and war. "I know that when a society’s existing infrastructure and systems are no longer available or functioning, innovation and collaboration can be leveraged to fill the void." Leadership characterized by humility, prudence, creativity, and wisdom, is easier to access when support structures -strategic, psychological, and physical - are in place. Her coaching practice helps executives access their gifts and intuition to discover more effective strategies for success. A current doctoral candidate in Leadership and Adult Learning at Columbia University, Karen’s research focuses on transformative learning and leadership in the face of existential threats.

David Drew

David Drew 

∙ Leading in Times of Crisis ∙ Performance Through Change ∙ High-Quality Decisions ∙

David is a strategy, marketing, people, and execution consultant who delivers breakthrough performance improvement for organizations, teams, and individuals. His emphasis is on core leadership and management capabilities, including complex issue prioritization, problem solving, and decision making. He also specializes in risk management, strategic planning and execution, marketing functional leadership redefinition, and assessing and modifying human performance ecosystems.  He has spent two decades installing systematic thinking and behaviors in organizations around the world and has designed and led change programs both as an executive and as a consultant.

Deb Albaum

Deb Elbaum, MD, PCC

∙ Staying Strong Under Pressure ∙ Maintaining Focus and Balance ∙ Navigating Team Anxiety ∙

Deb has been guiding others to think and act calmly and confidently for more than 15 years. An executive and leadership development coach whose approach combines neuroscience, embodied leadership, and measurable action planning. Deb's specialty is helping clients and teams understand their stress patterns and build up their toolkit of strategies -- for themselves and their colleagues -- to counter stress, so that they can think clearly and communicate confidently. "In times like these, we need our brains to be at their best so we can do our most effective thinking, communicating, and leading." Deb holds an M.D. from the University of Pennsylvania and a BA in Psychology from Harvard University.

Jeff Hafenstratz

Jeff Hasenfratz, JD

∙ Global Perspective ∙ Maintaining Focus & Balance ∙ Staying Strong Under Pressure ∙

Shanghai-based coach with experience coaching during the Covid-19 pandemic since its inception. Jeff’s 30 years of experience in the technology and human capital consulting industries includes functional specialization in business development and in talent assessment, development, and transition. "To provide leadership to those around me and to more effectively coach the anxious leaders and teams of client firms, I’ve found ways to invite calmness in others, enable a broader range of thinking, and valuable options for action, to emerge from the conversations."

Jeff Hull-1

Jeff Hull, PhD

∙ Performance Through Change ∙ Navigating Team Anxiety ∙ Maintaining Focus and Balance ∙

Dr. Hull is a highly accomplished executive coach, organization effectiveness, leadership development, and human resource management professional. An expert in the field of organizational and leadership development since 1995, he has worked with leading multi-national companies in the US, Asia, and Europe, both as a senior management team member, as a coach and consultant. As a coaching leader in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, Jeff has coached leaders (scientist, researcher, physician, nurse leaders, etc.) during times of stress and disruption.  "For over 20 years, I have offered support on time/work/life balance, virtual teaming, building resilient teams, agility under stress -- all related to keeping yourself and your team in optimal condition and performing well during this particularly stressful time." 

Liz KeeverLiz Keever, MA

∙ Virtual Teaming ∙ Maintaining Performance through Change ∙ Team Unification ∙

Liz was one of the pioneer designers of virtual team development programs for IBM.  "I have deep experience in the virtual development arena and continue to offer leadership development workshops virtually.  My work in the use of video communication for leaders has been featured in international research papers in the same.”  Liz served as adjunct faculty at New York University’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies in the department of Leadership and Human Capital Management where she taught courses in Executive Coaching, Transformational Leadership and Teambuilding to business professionals and graduate students.  

Phillipa Keanely

Philippa Kennealy, MD, MPH, CPCC, PCC 

∙ Frontline Support ∙ Executing Change Under Pressure ∙ High-Quality Decisions ∙

Philippa is an ICF-certified coach, former practicing family physician, and former hospital executive (Medical Director and then Chief Administrative Officer at UCLA Santa Monica Hospital in CA).She has extensive expertise in executive coaching and professional development. Drawing from her own experiences as a practicing physician, hospital C-suite executive, and business owner, Dr. Kennealy coaches executives from mid-level to C-level leadership. Through her successfully proven coaching process and unique, warm interpersonal style, she has helped many executives develop the self-awareness, self-mastery, and interpersonal mastery, along with other vital leadership tools. In addition to individual coaching, Dr. Kennealy works with small teams to foster trust and high function. "I have been coaching physician and healthcare clients in executive and leadership roles for the last 17 years and have a depth of expertise working these clients through times of crisis.  

Cathy Lanteri

Cathy Lanteri, MD

∙ Frontline Support∙ Staying Strong Under Pressure ∙ High-Quality Decisions ∙

Cathy brings a distinctive breadth of expertise in human behavior, neuroscience, leadership, and communications to help medical leaders adapt in rapidly changing conditions. Cathy’s coaching draws from 25 years of clinical experience, at major Harvard teaching hospitals, developing a community satellite clinic, and building a private practice, as well as her work coaching physician leaders at academic medical centers and private hospitals. Cathy specializes in working with physicians and front-line clinicians under enormous pressure to bring clarity, cohesion and action. 

Drew Lawson

Andrew Lawson, MD, FACEP, ACC, BCC, CPCC

∙ Frontline Support ∙ Performance Through Change ∙ Leading in Times of Crisis ∙

Dr. Drew Lawson is a Stanford trained, board certified physician and a professionally trained, boarded, & certified executive coach, educator, consultant, quality assurance & risk management director, and recognized speaker.  Dr. Lawson possesses a rare grouping of talents and expertise that form a toolkit of unprecedented value to his clients.  He helps his client clarify their direction, strategize their actions, enhance their productivity & efficiency, master their leadership skills, while creating an environment for you his clients to thrive in any situation. He specializes in coaching business executives, physicians & other healthcare professionals. Combining his passion for teaching, mentoring, and coaching with his experience in the chaotic world of Emergency Medicine where he is known by his colleagues as incredibly efficient, calm, “never cracks under pressure”, and “smiles even during the most hectic situations”.

Les Martel

Les Martel, Ph.D.

∙ High Quality Decisions ∙ Maintaining Focus and Balance ∙ Executing Change Under Pressure ∙

Les’ coaching experience spans a wide range of industries including Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Legal & Financial Services, Automotive, Engineering, Consumer Products, Energy, Media & Entertainment and Advertising organizations in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia. His coaching approach integrates three lenses to determine the focus of the engagement: a business lens, a leadership lens, and a personal style lens. Les’ coaching style is described as creative, focused and results driven. "In addition to my experience and capabilities as an organizational consultant and executive coach, I've been continuously licensed and practicing as a Psychologist in the State of CT since 1986. I’ve also been on the clinical faculty in the Department of Psychiatry for Yale School of Medicine and was a fellow in Family Systems at The Yale School of Management where I’ve also served as a Leadership Coach for the MBA & Executive MBA programs.

Richard MamillionRichard D. Massimilian, MBA

∙ Economics of Pandemic ∙ Executing Change Under Pressure ∙ Business Acumen  

Dick consults to CEOs and C-Suite leaders of publicly and privately held companies, many of whom are currently in crisis.  "I am working with clients now as they make decisions about hiring bankruptcy attorneys, layoffs, salary cuts and other heart-wrenching decisions. I operate from a pragmatic, optimistic point of view, neither minimizing the current threats nor denying the need to prepare for worst-case scenarios, while simultaneously believing that in any situation, including this one, there are opportunities."  Dick has an MBA in Finance from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and a BA in Political Science from Yale. He is a former Wharton Public Policy Fellow and serves an adjunct faculty in the Masters of Organization Development and Leadership Program at St. Joseph's University.


Roberta  Matuson

Roberta Matuson, MBA

∙ Staying Strong Under Pressure ∙ High-Quality Decisions ∙ Navigating Team Anxiety ∙

For more than 25 years, Roberta Matuson, has helped leaders in highly regarded organizations, including Baystate Noble Hospital, Tufts Medical Center, General Motors, New Balance, and Microsoft, achieve dramatic growth and market leadership through the maximization of talent. She’s the author of four books, including The Magnetic Leader, and the international best-seller, Suddenly in Charge, a Washington Post Top 5 Business Book for Leaders and is frequently quoted in The Wall Street Journal, New York Times and Working Women Magazine. Roberta has worked as a trusted advisor to CEOs and executives and knows that how a leader acts today will have a direct impact on their ability to attract and retain talent tomorrow.  "I've been consulting for over 25 years, which means I've helped my client’s weather through many a crisis, including 9/11 and the most recent recession.”   


Deborah Munhoz, MS, PCC

∙ Leading with Courage ∙ Frontline Support ∙ Business Acumen ∙

 A Certified Physician Development Coach™, Deborah provides leadership coaching and training for mid-career to C Suite leaders. Deborah’s coaching focuses on the mindset and skills required for greater confidence, collaboration and influence. Her mission is to create a world where women physicians are valued and appreciated for their role in healthcare leadership.For over 20 years, Deborah has been working in the field of leadership development, helping physician leaders and healthcare executives expand their leadership effectiveness and develop breakthrough strategies to meet the challenges of leading change in their organizations. She draws from a background in personal development, business and health care to implement effective strategies for leaders who seek to create alignment of their values, performance, and business results.


Lisa Pasbjerg

Lisa Pasbjerg, DCSW, CMC, PCC 

∙ Leadership Resilience ∙ Revitalizing Teams ∙ Organizational Culture ∙

With over 25 years of professional & leadership experience & advanced coaching credentials, Lisa brings it all together to help leaders develop vibrant, positive cultures & effective teams. Her solid foundation in emotional intelligence, neuroscience, & positive business allow her to partner with clients to build extraordinary leaders capable of transforming those who work with them in their organizations. She is particularly sought out for her exceptionally deep knowledge in healthcare, nonprofits, & entrepreneurial enterprises. They find that she is able to “speak their language” which allows them feel comfortable & understood. Common reasons for her to be brought in include: up-leveling leaders into new or expanding roles, revitalizing team & organizational cultures destabilized by crisis, & building effective boards in alignment with organizational mission & values.

Deb Straka

Deborah Straka, MSN 

∙ Frontline Support ∙ Maintaining Morale ∙ Maintaining Focus and Balance ∙

Deborah’s extensive experience spans the healthcare industry, including coaching and consulting for community hospitals, academic medical centers and integrated delivery systems. Deborah utilizes her health care operations background to assure clients are focused, energized and achieve outcomes. She has provided support to healthcare organizations in times of crisis such as executive and front-line crisis coaching during the CA fires 2018. "During this time, it was critical to provide support to assist leaders to drive change, manage morale, and create calm.”

Estaban Negrani

Esteban Negroni, MD, PCC

∙ Leading in Times of Crisis∙ Staying Strong Under Pressure ∙ High-Quality Decisions ∙

Drawing from a deep understanding of human behavior and organizational structure, Esteban coaches executives from mid-level to C-suite level. "Living in Argentina, I have helped many leaders weather economic and political crises."  Esteban’s coaching work combined with his background as a psychiatrist gives him the familiarity of working with the emotions that COVID-19 creates. In addition to his consulting experience, Esteban is a medical doctor and Professor of Medicine at Universidad del Salvador and has worked for more than 8 years in the pharmaceutical industry (Wyeth, Pfizer and Novartis).





Jill Perrin, MBA, ACC

∙ Business Acumen ∙ High-Quality Decisions ∙ Executing Change Under Pressure ∙

Jill Perrin is an Executive Coach, Author and Speaker who brings 30+ years of business acumen to coaching engagements. Her P/L ownership, expansive leadership and successful startup experiences inform her approach with clients as she has managed large teams through re-organizations, market-place regulatory changes, high growth scenarios, ‘up-staffing’, down-sizing, strategic planning cycles, culture change, budgeting cycles, etc. "I bring empathy, sympathy and business acumen into the coaching conversations. My time as a Leader in F50 organizations  molded me to be able to handle stressors that leaders are facing now to an unprecedented degree: necessary pivots, ruthless scrutiny of use of resource, warp speed re-prioritization, making decisions with limited and oft-changing data, keeping team morale high, managing supersized stress, etc"

Pam van dyke-1

Pam Van Dyke, Ph.D., PCC

∙ Virtual Teaming∙ Staying Strong Under Pressure ∙ Maintaining Focus and Balance ∙

Pam specializes in building virtual groups and teams and has been researching and training in this area of over 10 years. She has extensive leadership development experience in addition to executive experience running a behavioral health hospital in the role of CEO. Pam has held roles at many large Fortune 500 companies such as Tenet Healthcare, Baylor Healthcare, Cleveland Clinic, McKesson and American Airlines, and American International Group (AIG).  She has held executive level positions in Operations, Human Resources, Talent and Leadership Development, Organization Development, Employee Engagement and Quality and Risk Management.  

Emily Neustadt

Emily Neustadt

∙ Team Unification ∙ Leading in Times of Crisis ∙ Navigating Team Anxiety ∙

Strategic planning, cogent goal setting and team development are three key areas of expertise for Emily Neustadt. She was trained in Systems-Centered group dynamics and takes a very pragmatic yet creative approach to group process and Executive Coaching. She facilitates groups and individuals to be grounded in clear business outcomes and productive conversations about goals, change, alignment, and reprioritization. “Managing through crisis requires head and heart awareness, keeping a clear eye on worst case scenario, while working toward good outcomes… having worked with leaders closely involved with post 9/11, 2008 crash, Fukushima and the Refugee crisis, I continue to learn and share how we can show up in the emerging present and be future fit for purpose.”



Robert Simpson

Robert E. Simpson, Jr., DSW, MPH 

∙ Leading through Crisis ∙ Executing Change Under Pressure ∙ High-Quality Decisions ∙

As the former CEO of an historic psychiatric hospital, the Brattleboro Retreat, Dr. Simpson knows well the challenges of guiding employees, state legislatures, business, political, regional and national leaders through critical strategic decisions in a time of acute crisis. He has a leadership and coaching reputation as an outcome focused, pragmatic and supportive transformational leader who can quickly assess and develop a focused plan for leadership success. As a doctoral level clinician with an additional public health degree from Harvard University, he has worked extensively with physician leaders enhancing strategies to create clinician and leader resilience.


Sharon Weinstein

Sharon M. Weinstein, RN, MSc., CRNI-R, FACW, FAAN, CSP 

∙ Leading in Times of Crisis∙ Staying Strong Under Pressure ∙ High-Quality Decisions ∙

Sharon is an experienced speaker, author, consultant, and former nurse executive who has "been there, done that" when it comes to crisis management. "As director of Premier's Office of International Affairs, I was in Russia when the Russian White House was burning and evacuated the Americans from our International Patient Department. As leader of People to People Programs in China, I was in Beijing during the uprising at Tiananmen Square and led my team of 30 to safety. As a passenger on China Air when the plane lost fuselage over Siberia, I assumed responsibility for a group of Japanese tourists headed for Tokyo and rerouted to Vienna. I know crisis, and I know how to lead individuals and organizations through the stressors, focus on the goal, keep it simple, act, find balance, and prepare for the unexpected." 

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