The New War for Talent: Implications for Succession Planning

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"The New War For Talent Implications for Succession Planning"

We’re approaching a new “war for talent” as companies reimagine what the future of work requires. In our new reality, meaningful succession planning is the competitive differentiator. In contrast to what succession planning used to look like in many organizations, today’s best practice organizations go far beyond the simple “replacement inventory charts.” To truly add value, succession planning has to focus on what it will take to be successful tomorrow, not just today. And we know tomorrow’s success criteria may be quite different from what has typically been required. This means being clear about specifically what needs to happen to ensure that successors are actually ready to step up when the time comes. No matter where your organization is starting from, this session can help you move your succession planning practices to the next level--even if you have nothing in place today.

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Learning Objectives
  • To understand how to position succession planning for competitive advantage
  • To identify differentiators between “value-added” and “not so much value-added" succession planning
  • To understand the “best fit” practical tools for your organization

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Presenter Profile

Kathy BernhardKathy F. Bernhard is a senior consultant with TLD Group, an accomplished executive coach, facilitator, and former senior HR executive with 30+ years of experience spanning industries including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, as well as non-profits. Kathy’s areas of expertise include executive coaching and assessment, the design, development, and delivery of senior-level leadership development programs, organization development, succession planning, and mentoring.